Tuesday 17 October 2017

About Today Readings

St Ignatius of Antioch.

Romans 1:16-25. Psalm 18(19):2-5. Luke 11:37-41.

The heavens proclaim the glory of God — Psalm 18(19):2-5.

‘I am not ashamed of the Gospel: it is the salvation of God for everyone who has faith.’

Paul explains that the Gospel is important to him because it reveals the righteousness of God. Righteousness is not an easy word for us because it has come to mean self-righteousness. Nonetheless we can still identify with Paul when he says that by living ethical lives we open ourselves to faith in the mystery of salvation. Or when he makes the relevant observation that those who reject righteousness and refuse to live moral lives actually suppress the truth.

Paul conveys the impression that he is progressively coming to terms with the power of God as our salvation. The truth he finally shares is that God’s righteousness and our quest for goodness come together in the Gospel of Jesus.

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