Tuesday 17 September 2019

About Today Readings

St Robert Bellarmine
1 Timothy 3:1-13. Psalm 100(101):1-3, 5, 6. Luke 7:11-17.
I will walk with blameless heart – Psalm 100(101):1-3, 5, 6
‘He was moved with pity for her’

The Gospel scene begins with such sadness. It appears that the widow is now completely alone in the world. She had no husband and now no child. She is probably walking through the streets in absolute shock, cradling overwhelming grief. We are not told many details about her.

Why did this particular widow draw the attention of Jesus? Perhaps the ‘large crowd from the city with her’ spoke volumes to him. Perhaps she was very well respected, someone who was always available for those in need. Certainly, Jesus was moved with pity for her and performed an amazing miracle. The widow’s grief would be replaced with complete joy as Jesus ‘gave her son back to her’.

Jesus notices us too. He sees our grief, our losses. He wants our restoration. We just have to ask for our mourning to be turned into joy.

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