Tuesday 18 April 2017

About Today Readings

Easter Tuesday.
Acts 2:36-41. Psalms 32(33):4-5, 18-20, 22. John 20:11-18.

‘I have seen the Lord’ – John 20:11-18


Mary didn’t recognise Jesus straight away, but once she heard him calling her name her heart overflowed with love. The true nature of her faith could be heard in her response: ‘Rabbouni! Teacher!’ She wanted to embrace him and never let him go. This is the same love we will feel when we recognise Jesus’ voice—even if it seems he has been silent for a while.

Today, let us take some time to check ourselves. Am I living in faith? Do I trust that Jesus is with me, even if I don’t feel his presence? Let Mary Magdalene’s witness convince us that those who seek the Lord will find him. Lord, help me to become more aware of your voice.

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