Tuesday 19 December 2023

About Today Readings

Judges 13:2–7, 24–25. Fill me with your praise and I will sing your glory – Psalm 70(71):3–6, 16–17. Luke 1:5–25.

Then there appeared to him the angel of the Lord

Some years ago, I was about to drive away when I saw a man approaching, carrying a shovel. He came up and asked if one of our cats was missing. He then produced a cat collar and tag for Tammy, our youngest pet. He knew her, having enjoyed her friendly, inquisitive nature. Having seen her hit by a taxi, he found her dead. He had brought a shovel to help us bury her. Finding a suitable place, we wrapped Tammy in a blanket and buried her.

As Liam approached it crossed my mind that he could be an angel. It was so unlikely that someone would witness a minor tragedy and respond with such thoughtful care. Yet such warm, compassionate responses to need do happen. Maybe we do entertain angels unawares. Perhaps an element of reverence would not be out of place in our interactions – just in case.

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