Tuesday 20 August 2019

About Today Readings

St Bernard

Judges 6:11-24. Psalm 84(85):9, 11-14. Matthew 19:23-30.

The Lord speaks of peace to his people – Psalm 84(85):9, 11-14.

‘Who then can be saved?’

The pursuit of wealth and our ‘lifestyle choices’ distract us from hearing God’s call in our lives. We are like overburdened camels. We are the cluttered, the preoccupied, too busy to attend to prayer and silence. Encumbered with hollow values telling us how to behave, what to buy, it seems the narrow entrance to heaven is lost deep in the haystack.

Can we hear the invitation to walk on the way of salvation? Might we, like the disciples, have a place with Christ? Jesus gives us hope. When we can see things in perspective, we come closer to God, acknowledging that the treasures and values of this world are not a true measure of our worth. We thank God who loves us for who we are, not for our possessions or popularity.

God of wonder, welcome me again so that I may find you at the centre of my being.

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