Tuesday 20 February 2018

About Today Readings

St Wulfric.

Isaiah 55:10-11. Psalm 33(34):4-7, 16-19. Matthew 6:7-15.

From all their afflictions God will deliver the just—Psalm 33(34):4-7, 16-19.

‘May God’s will be done.’

We are on familiar ground with today’s gospel—Jesus teaching the disciples how to pray. How often we have used the words of the Lord’s prayer!

Jesus is teaching the disciples to desire certain dispositions in their minds and hearts that will enable them to notice the ways in which God is attracting them. In his prayer, Jesus gives seven phrases, words of praise and petition, revealing the desires of his own heart and, implicitly, the desires that he has for the disciples and for us.

One of those phrases was one of Saint Mary MacKillop’s frequently used expressions: May God’s will be done. Let us do our best to pray that petition with all our hearts.

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