Tuesday 21 April 2020

About Today Readings

Acts 4:32-37. The Lord is king; he is robed in majesty – Psalm 92(93):1-2, 5. John 3:7-15.

The first Christian community

The readings today shake us to the core: how puny is our modern commitment to Christianity. In the full light of the resurrection, the ascension and the Holy inspiration at Pentecost, the first followers of ‘The Way’ surrendered what we modern Christians now cling to – their property. What a risk – what faith! Also, what responsibility upon the leaders of the early community, to manage such gifts with justice: ‘There was not a needy person among them . . .’

We see here the expulsion of any sense of material entitlement from these original Jewish believers in Christ. No wonder Nicodemus, as reported in today’s Gospel, baulked at the ideas Jesus was expounding: being born again, being transformed to become a spiritual Son or Daughter of God – these notions contradict every natural instinct. We begin to sense the enormous transformation of the ancient world which was commencing. Lord, make us risk-takers in faith.

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