Tuesday 22 August 2023

About Today Readings

Queenship of Mary

Judges 6:11-24. The Lord speaks of peace to his people – Psalm 84(85):9, 11-14. Matthew 19:23-30.

Grateful for our blessings

I’ll never understand those who believe that Christianity will bring them worldly comfort and wealth. Today’s Gospel seems to be a clear message that our earthly possessions will only make it harder for us to find happiness in God’s kingdom. It’s those who give up earthly possessions for the sake of God who will be blessed.

That’s not to say that God wants us to be uncomfortable in our existence, to suffer in poverty. But I do think the accumulation of wealth, and the desire only for material blessings, isn’t compatible with our faith. Perhaps a better thing to pray for today is that whatever blessings we receive in this world might bring us closer to each other, and closer to God. I think this is the key to riches in this world and the next one.

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