Tuesday 23 February 2021

About Today Readings

St Polycarp

Isaiah 55:10-11. From all their afflictions God will deliver the just – Psalm 33(34):4-7, 16-19. Matthew 6:7-15.

How to pray

I said to Jesus, ‘People pray in many ways,
bowing, crossing, singing, kneeling,
standing, silently or aloud,
set prayers or spontaneous.
Which way is the best of all?’
‘It’s the heart that counts, said Jesus,
not the style that makes your prayer look good.
Use simple words; have huge desires,
and shape your life to fit your prayers.
When asking God to forgive your sins,
first check the list of those you hate
and let your anger go. Then pray:
say what you mean; mean what you say’.

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