Tuesday 23 July 2019

About Today Readings

Exodus 14:21 – 15:1. Exodus 15:8-10, 12, 17. Matthew 12:46-50.
Let us sing to the Lord; he has covered himself in glory – Exodus 15:8-10, 12, 17
‘Those who do the will of my Father are my family.’

Rarely do members of a family grow up under the same roof, notes author Richard Bach. Our growing often only bears fruit after we leave home. We carry what we have learnt and bring it to new situations, adapting it and testing its validity. Our spiritual life has to mature if it is to be authentically our own, and not a pale shadow of earlier years.

Just as Jesus gained a new family – his disciples – we gain a new faith family as we move into new surroundings. This new family draws us into a more adult faith where we learn to discern how God is calling us, where we are drawn to do the will of the Father.

Lord, help me to listen, to the voice without and the voice within, so I may truly learn where in the vineyard you would have me toil.

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