Tuesday 23 June 2020

About Today Readings

St Paulinus of Nola

2 Kings 19:9-11, 14-21, 31-36. God upholds his city for ever – Psalm 47(48):2-4, 10-11. Matthew 7:6, 12-14.

‘Always treat others as you would like them to treat you’

By phrasing this rule positively rather than negatively, Jesus adds a requirement for positive action instead of merely refraining from hurtful behaviour. It’s not just about not doing to others what you wouldn’t like to have done to you, but about actively choosing to love and to reach out to others.

Sometimes I get frustrated with what I perceive to be the lack of hospitality and welcome in my parish, both to newcomers and to ‘oldcomers’ who are not naturally as gregarious or outgoing as others and can therefore struggle a bit more with feeling connected to the parish.

The ‘Golden Rule’ reminds me that I am invited to do something about that, and if I wish to be welcomed more in my own parish, then I need to be welcoming of others myself.

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