Tuesday 26 June 2018

About Today Readings

2 Kings 19:9-11, 14-21, 31-36. Psalm 47(48):2-4, 10-11. Matthew 7:6, 12-14.

God upholds his city for ever—Psalm 47(48):2-4, 10-11.

 ‘Give ear, Lord, and listen; open your eyes, Lord, and see!’

We are offered today a Golden Rule for living a Christian life. Jesus commands us to do for others the good that we wish for ourselves. This is radical in a world marked by a principle of retaliation and obsessed with consumerism. Jesus’ command takes us back to the heart of being human, our relatedness to God and one another.

How do we find the capacity within ourselves to respond to people who behave towards us in a confronting, even evil way, to treat them as we wish to be treated? How can we be strong, compassionate and loving? How can we respond rather than react? Let us take this to God in our prayer.

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