Tuesday 26 November 2019

About Today Readings

St John Berchmans

Daniel 2:31-45. Daniel 3:57-61. Luke 21:5-11.

Give glory and eternal praise to him! – Daniel 3:57-61

‘There will be … great signs from heaven’

Receiving any day’s news, we can be overwhelmed by the pain and suffering of our world. The ongoing struggle for power leads to misunderstanding, division, hatred and war. The pain and the suffering we see around us can overwhelm us; we can feel helpless, unable to effect any change.

Yet our faith tells us that this is not God’s plan. Our faith gives us hope. Today’s readings hold the promise of another way of being. The words of the prophet Daniel and Luke’s gospel tell that the kingdom of God will come. Oppressed communities across the world have heard this promise from the depth of their pain. They have sung songs of freedom, they have stepped out with courage to liberate their people.

Let us remember those who have stood with courage against oppression and hatred, for they bring forth the kingdom of God in our midst.

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