Tuesday 27 July 2021

About Today Readings

Exodus 33:7-11; 34:5-9, 28. The Lord is kind and merciful – Ps 102(103):6-13. Matthew 13:36-43.

God will look after us, but he is not our servant

Despite the friendship God offers us in Jesus, we ought not to forget that God is not our buddy. He is by our side and ready to help when we call on him. Indeed, we can converse with God as Moses did, as one person speaks to another. But God is God, not any human person. God will look after us, but he is not our servant. God is not there to satisfy all our wants. Indeed, the reverse is true. We exist to fulfil God’s desires. God wants there to exist sentient beings in the universe who know their Creator, who recognise they owe their existence to this Creator, and whose role is to bring the law (the love) of God to every part of creation. This is the task that God and we share together, at best, with delight. Let’s hold our friendship with God in this perspective.

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