Tuesday 28 March 2017

About Today Readings

Tue 28th. St Tutilo. Ezk 47:1-9,12; Jn 5:1-3,5-16.

‘When Jesus saw him lying there and knew he had been in this condition for a long time, he said, “Do you want to be well again?”‘ John 5:5-6

This man has been sick for 38 years. Yes Lord, I want to be well again. I want you to heal the pain in my back, I want to be able to walk again, and I want to be reunited with my beloved, who has not long to live. I want you to do the impossible … and then the voice of reason tells me to stop my wishful thinking. This closes off my heart and my spirit. St John of the Cross says somewhere that if we try to go to God just relying on our natural reasoning, then we will not be very spiritual. Yes Lord, I want to be well again, I want my beloved to be well again, I want this poor suffering planet and every person on it to be well again. Break the rules, make us whole, make me holy.

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