Tuesday 30 January 2024

About Today Readings

2 Samuel 18:9–10, 14, 24–25, 30 – 19:3. Listen, Lord, and answer me – Psalm 85(86):1–6. Mark 5:21–43.

She told him the whole truth

What is the ‘whole truth’ about my life? Have I taken time to discover that for myself? To share it with others? To share it with God? In this Gospel, Jesus wants to know. He cares about the woman and the whole truth about her life. Although he was busy, although it was crowded, he took the time to listen to her. Perhaps she had never been asked before. There are two invitations today. First, it is to delve into the truth about our lives. It might be time to share that with ourselves, God or a trusted other. This could be a theme of our prayer. Second, we might have an opportunity to listen to someone else’s truth. Are we prepared to listen, even if busy, and open to receive the truth they have to share? What a gift we could offer.


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