Tuesday 30 March 2021

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Tuesday in Holy Week

Isaiah 49:1-6. I will sing of your salvation – Psalm 70(71):1-6, 15, 17. John 13:21-33, 36-38.

Jesus was troubled in spirit

John also uses this expression elsewhere to describe the great emotional reaction of Jesus in confrontation with evil. And yet he is fully aware that the victory is his – he has already been glorified even before the visible signs of it, the crucifixion and rising, take place.

In his goodness, Jesus has given us, through faith, a share in that victory and glorification. But that does not exempt us from human weakness, and Jesus here teaches us that our feelings, emotions or reactions that may appear to be incompatible with deep faith are, in fact, not so. This is something we do well to remember in times when our spirit too is troubled. Troubled Heart of Jesus, grant me to take refuge in you when my heart is troubled or fearful or filled with disquiet and misgiving.

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