Tuesday 4 July 2017

About Today Readings

St Elizabeth of Portugal.
Genesis 19:15-29. Psalm 25(26):2-3, 9-12. Matthew 8:23-27.

O Lord, your kindness is before my eyes — Psalm 25(26):2-3, 9-12.

‘He was asleep …’

We have all experienced storms in our lives, times when we have been beset by fear, worry, anger or despair. We too may have felt that God was asleep. St Teresa of Avila wrote: ‘I would often recall how when a storm arose the Lord used to command the winds to be still, and I would say to myself, What have I been thinking of? What am I afraid of? If this Lord is powerful, as I see he is and know he is, what harm can they do to me? I lost all the fears which until then had been wont to trouble me’ (Life, 25).

Jesus wants to do this for us as well. By trusting him we can be secure in all circumstances, knowing that God will use even the storms in our lives for our good.

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