Tuesday 6 April 2021

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Easter Tuesday

Acts 2:36-41. The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord – Psalm 32(33):4-5, 18-20, 22. John 20:11-18.

‘I have seen the Lord and he has spoken to me’

Mary Magdalene, ‘apostle to the apostles’, stands weeping outside the tomb. The two angels in the tomb followed by another unrecognised man outside ask her why she is weeping. No doubt Mary’s eyes are puffy and clouded with tears, and she’s entirely preoccupied with finding the body of Jesus. Only when the stranger speaks her name does she realise this person as Jesus, her beloved teacher.

Our tears often follow a surging and unleashing of deep emotion. They express our feelings of sorrow, fatigue, joy, relief or anger. We weep to mourn what or who we have lost. For Mary Magdalene, that treasured yet brief time shared with Jesus has passed. The loss is painful. Yet she is given the strangely wonderful message of Jesus’ ascension to share with his ‘brothers’. A story of loss has become a story of hope. May Mary’s courage in grief and the hope of the resurrection open us to the way in which life continues, different from before.

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