Tuesday 6 June 2017

About Today Readings

(St Norbert).
Tobit 2:9-14. Psalms 111(112):1-2, 7-9. Mark 12:13-17.

The hearts of the just are secure, trusting in the Lord — Psalms 111(112):1-2, 7-9.

‘Render to God the things that are God’s.’

There was a man who loved his sport and was singularly blessed with all-round skills. He loved the history of the game and was an outstanding sportsman for his country. He earned the adulation of the crowd and very complimentary media coverage. Team-mates saluted him with words like steady, reliable and patient. He shied away from any spotlight.

One day in the middle of his prime, he announced his retirement with the words: ‘I have a family and they deserve my undivided care and attention. I want to grow with them.’

The crowd was stunned, but the opposing team gave him a guard of honour to mark their admiration.

He was happy because he knew that his family were first in his heart.

Let us pray with thanks for the fine example of such a discerning action.

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