Tuesday 7 May 2019

About Today Readings

Acts 7:51 – 8:1. Psalm 30(31):3-4, 6-8, 17, 21. John 6:30-35.

Into your hands, O Lord, I entrust my spirit – Psalm 30(31):3-4, 6-8, 17, 21. 

‘Sir, give us this bread always.’

The desire of the crowd is to receive Jesus’ bread from heaven. He responds: ‘I am the bread of life: anyone who comes to me will not be hungry.’ This promise of Jesus addresses needs in us deeper even than our physical ones, and reminds us that we cannot live on bread alone. We have a right to material necessities, and an obligation to provide them for those who do not have them, but we would be deluding ourselves if we believed our or others’ hunger would be satisfied by this world’s goods alone.

Our appetite for God is insatiable: the goods of this world are not adequate to it. Only God himself will suffice. God gives us the nourishment of the Eucharist – Christ himself – for food and drink. Lord, be bread for my journey, and may others draw life from my communion with you.

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