Tuesday 8 August 2023

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St Mary of the Cross MacKillop

1 Kings 17:8-16. My soul clings to you; your right hand holds me fast – Psalm 62(63):1-8. Colossians 3:12-17. Matthew 6:25-34.

St Mary of the Cross opened her heart to all

Mary MacKillop, or Saint Mary of the Cross as she is now known, epitomises the best of Australian women. She was the sort of woman who rolled up her sleeves and got on with the work that needed to be done. With Father Julian Tenison Woods, she created an order of religious women who understood the Australian soul; a soul brewed in the bush and in a country of beauty and terror; an unforgiving land of long distance and outback heartbreak.

Mary was inclusive in her welcome of others; colour, creed or circumstance did not matter as she founded schools for the rural poor. On her grave in Sydney are inscribed the words, We are but travellers here, an acknowledgement that our lives are but nano-seconds in the vast narrative of cosmic history. Mary travelled hopefully, opening her heart, teaching children to read and write, following a vision and a vocation, making her life larger because it expanded with fathomless grace to include so many others.

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