Tuesday 8 November 2022

About Today Readings

Titus 2:1-8, 11-14. The salvation of the just comes from the Lord – Psalm 36(37):3-4, 18, 23, 27, 29. Luke 17:7-10.

It is always time to do right

Children are instructed to behave well but it is something that adults should also consider. Today’s Psalm makes it clear that good behaviour should be celebrated and will be rewarded by the Lord. Meanwhile, Luke intones that none of us is above good behaviour and that we should treat everyone as equals, even those we think of as inferior. Social attitudes to managing behaviour have changed and we no longer emphasise punishment, instead we celebrate the positive and reward the good. These readings clarify that as being the goal all along and the rewards for such acts will come from heaven itself. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr, a man who exemplified commitment to the greater good and sacrifice for others in his fight for civil rights, ‘the time is always right to do what is right’. Today is a very good day to reflect on how you can do that.

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