Tuesday 8 October 2019

About Today Readings

Jonah 3:1-10. Psalm 129(130):1-4, 7-8. Luke 10:38-42.

If you, O Lord, laid bare our guilt, who could endure it? – Psalm 129(130):1-4, 7-8

‘A woman named Martha welcomed him into her home.’

This is surely a classic story of graciousness and hospitality. It was Martha, the worker, who first invited Jesus into their home. It was Mary, the listener, who sat, undistracted, giving her full attention to their visitor. She recognised the wealth in being in his presence. Similarly, to spend time in prayer in the silence of God’s presence, without distraction, brings us towards serenity.

Still, Martha’s practicality is not to be shunned. It is important too. Both roles are important when we attend to our guests. Do I give my guests my undivided attention? Do I attend responsibly to my tasks? Is my prayer all asking, or is there time to just sit and listen to the spirit within? We need to know the time for action and the time for contemplation. God of my life, lead me to discern how I may attend to your presence in my days.

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