Tuesday 9 April 2019

About Today Readings

Numbers 21:4-9. Psalm 101(102):2-3, 16-21. John 8:21-30.

O Lord hear my prayer, and let my cry come to you – Psalm 101(102):2-3, 16-21. 

‘The one who sent me is truthful.

Jesus was very direct with the Pharisees, and though they questioned him their minds were closed. With the gift of hindsight, I wonder at their failure to understand him.

I am grateful to the ones mentioned at the end of this gospel extract: ‘many came to believe in him’. It is my good fortune that among them were, and are, people who continue to tell me of the loving Father who sent his Son to be the one who sets us free.

Scripture is full of people who teach and question us. I may feel I am a believer of Jesus, but what can I learn from the scribes and Pharisees? How often do I act as a one who is ‘from this world’?

As I ponder these and other questions, God calls me to place my trust in him. Father, be with me. Jesus, guide me. Holy Spirit, move within me.

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