Tuesday 9 June 2020

About Today Readings

St Ephrem

1 Kings 17:7-16. Lord, let your face shine on us – Psalm 4:2-5, 7-8. Matthew 5:13-16.

‘Your light must shine in the sight of all’

The readings of today share a spirit of encouragement. St Ephrem the Syrian (306-373CE) was a great Christian teacher and shepherd. His lifetime saw massive political and religious upheaval, as the world of the Roman Empire collapsed.

Nevertheless, he steadily proclaimed the Christian faith through writing hundreds of hymns and prayers, still used in the Eastern churches today. The psalm assures us that our voice is heard when ‘in the morning Lord, . . . I lay my requests before you, and wait expectantly.’ Elijah encourages the widow and her son to have the same calm faith in God’s providence – that the oil jar will not empty, nor will the flour run out for them as they wait in faith and hope upon the Lord.

In the Gospel, Jesus warmly encourages us to be light to the world – to shine like lamps, so that in us, God’s goodness is revealed ‘to everyone in the house.’

When we offer what we have, no matter how seemingly small, God does great things through us.

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