Wednesday 10 January 2024

About Today Readings

1 Samuel 3:1–10, 19–20. Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will – Psalm 39(40):2, 5, 7–10. Mark 1:29–39.

The work needed to be done

‘Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will’: listening, attentiveness, alertness and recognition of God’s call in life. I think this takes practice and prayer, and every now and then an Eli in one’s corner. When I read this again, published in this beautiful magazine, I will be in Alice Springs ready to begin a new adventure, a new call to ministry. It is a call realised from a moment many years before – ‘Why don’t you consider this?’ A call reaffirmed by family, colleagues and friends – ‘yes, that is where you will do good work’; God’s work maybe? Samuel, when the penny dropped that God was talking to him (well done Eli), had God with him for the rest of his life and others recognised this. Jesus absolutely knew with clarity the work he needed to do and those around him eventually picked up on this too. Please find the moments to join the dots of call in your own life – being attentive and doing what makes your heart sing – realising the preciousness of God’s grace at work.

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