Wednesday 11 September 2019

About Today Readings

Colossians 3:1-11. Psalm 144(145):2-3, 10-13. Luke 6:20-26.
The Lord is compassionate to all his creatures – Psalm 144(145):2-3, 10-13
‘Your rule lasts from age to age’

Should we aim to be happy or sad? Should we focus on heaven or earth? These readings can appear to be contradictory. The answers, however, lie in the psalm. God’s everlasting reign is meant for both heaven and earth: when we live on earth as it is in heaven and are renewed in the image of our creator. In the church’s liturgy, heaven is often used in place of reign, which begins here and now. Heaven’s values include gratitude, peace, unity and courage for the good. Living with these values makes us like God, but like God with us on earth, they can bring us persecution. We develop the eyes of Jesus who sees more clearly the true happiness and true sorrow present in our world. All is not what it seems, but we pray for the vision of true life in Christ.

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