Wednesday 12 July 2023

About Today Readings

Genesis 41:55-57; 42:5-7, 17-24. Lord, let your mercy be on us, as we place our trust in you – Psalm 32(33):2-3, 10-11, 18-19. Matthew 10:1-7.

Go out and bring the lost home

Jesus sends out the twelve to gather the lost sheep of Israel. What can we make of this short reading today. Literally Jesus sent them out to gather in the lost. What is it calling us to do today? I suggest the same. Go beyond your comfort zone. Encounter those who are ‘lost’ or hurt by the experiences of their lives. Gather them in by welcoming and offering them love. Listen to them. Comfort them. Help them. Forgive them. You will never gather the lost if you do not go beyond your front gate. You have one love filled heart; share this gift with the lost, lonely, hungry and forgotten. Today Jesus send you out to bring them home.

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