Wednesday 13 October 2021

About Today Readings

Romans 2:1-11. Lord, you give back to all according to their works – Psalm 61(62):2-3, 6-7, 9. Luke 11:42-46.

Give thanks for what you have

In today’s readings, Jesus challenges the religious leaders of the day to stop condemning others for lawbreaking, when they themselves lack integrity. In particular, the attention they pay to outward appearances of holiness, while their inner life is like an unmarked grave, full of unacknowledged old bones and decay. Worse, they relish public honour, while being inwardly dishonourable. In truth, they are an affront to God’s justice. Jesus particularly addresses lawyers. God is not honoured by petty-fogging little points of law, like tithing people’s herb gardens, while failing to acknowledge the burdens these rulings place on ordinary good people who are locked out from lawyers’ learning. Paul points out their self-deception, and their dishonesty before a kind and merciful God. Jesus, you offer me life, abundant and fulfilled. Help me to choose each day to be authentic, sparing in judgment, and prodigal in mercy. And be my rock when I falter. Amen.

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