Wednesday 15 April 2020

About Today Readings

Acts 3:1-10. Let all who seek the Lord rejoice – Psalm 104(105):1-4, 6-9. Luke 24:13-35.

They recognised him at the breaking of the bread

When I was in my late teens, during a bout of depression, I went for a walk in the park near my home. Sometime early in my walk, a black dog – perhaps a stray or a runaway – started walking alongside me. I tried to shoo it away but it wouldn’t leave me.

I walked to the top of a hill and sat with the unwanted dog right next to me. After a few moments, all the sadness that had been welling up in my depressed state came flooding out. The dog sat with me, quietly. After I’d finished crying I felt much better. The dog then padded away and was gone.

I’ve often heard depression described as a ‘black dog’, and I always remember that story. For me, though, that black dog was what God sent me that day so that I wasn’t alone in my desolation. It was God, coming to me unrecognised, on my own road to Damascus.

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