Wednesday 15 November 2023

About Today Readings

St Albert the Great

Wisdom 6:1-11. Rise up, O God, bring judgment to the earth – Psalm 81(82):3-4, 6-7. Luke 17:11-19.

Be fair to the wretched and destitute

Today’s readings are a lesson in justice and right judgment. The first reading is addressed to those who govern, and urges kings to seek wisdom and to listen humbly. These words might be spoken today to our world leaders – that they listen and learn from wise elders instead of acting aggressively. The psalm shows us we are not invincible.

The Gospel is also relevant for today. The lepers were the outcasts in Jesus’ time. Who are the outcasts today? What of refugees and asylum seekers seeking a welcome to be told they are not wanted? Jesus calls us to stand up for the outcasts. He taught that everyone has the right to dignity and acceptance. Let us look into our hearts today to see if we are found wanting. We all want to hear those words, ‘Your faith has saved you.’

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