Wednesday 16 November 2022

About Today Readings

St Margaret of Scotland; St Gertrude

Apocalypse 4:1-11. Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, mighty God! – Psalm 150. Luke 19:11-28.

The gift of life, renewed with every breath

Today’s psalm slows me down. It says let everything that breathes give praise to the Lord. Perhaps this means that the very act of breathing praises God. So, I take a few moments just to notice my own breathing. I sit quietly with my feet flat on the ground and my back straight but relaxed. I allow all the tensions in my body to slip away. I try to still my mind and give it permission to worry about things later. As distractions come to mind, I don’t chase them away aggressively. I just let them go. I notice that the air is cool as it enters my nose and a little warmer as it leaves my mouth. I notice that my breath keeps moving, in and out. This is God breathing in me. It is the gift of life, renewed with every breath. I give praise to God just by breathing.

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