Wednesday 18 October 2023

About Today Readings

St Luke

2 Timothy 4:10-17. Your friends tell the glory of your kingship, Lord – Psalm 144(145):10-13, 17-18. Luke 10:1-9.

Do you call on the Lord?

Today’s first reading, from St Paul’s letter to Timothy, offers a beautiful, vibrant vision of the early Church. It is a community, full of relationships. Some of them are breaking down. Demas has gone off; Luke is with Paul and Mark is called for; others have been missioned to different places. There is something precious to share, something worth pooling gifts, talents, resources for. This precious person, Jesus, and relationship with him is not something to be held jealously but shared.

These early disciples were women and men, so moved by the mystery of God revealed in the person of Jesus, who felt it so personally and yet so freely, that they wanted to bring the relationship to others. They would nod tenderly at the words of the psalmist, ‘[The Lord] is close to all who call him, who call on him from their hearts’. Do you call on him?

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