Wednesday 20 September 2017

About Today Readings

Ss Andrew Kim Taegon, Paul Chong Hasang & CC.

1 Timothy 3:14-16. Psalm 110(111):1-6. Luke 7:31-35.

How great are the works of the Lord! — Psalm 110(111):1-6.

‘We played the flute for you and you did not dance.’

Dear Lord, your words resonate with those of us who are in the final stages of a long life.

We look back to our early days when following you seemed pretty dismal in many ways.

We never thought of dancing with you to the sound of your love. We were taught to be always trying to please a hard taskmaster and dancing was something we enjoyed so it wasn’t religious. In your words today you point out that it is impossible to please everybody and because the message does not fit in with their ideas they pull down the messenger.

Alas we are often guilty of that. Please Lord, teach us in prayer to recognise the right message, listen to your words and dance for joy in your love.

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