Wednesday 21 July 2021

About Today Readings

St Lawrence of Brindisi

Exodus 16:1-5, 9-15. The Lord gave them bread from heaven – Ps 77(78):18-19, 23-28. Matthew 13:1-9.

A sower went out to sow

It is extremely hard to sustain an analogy. Most of us can achieve a fair, passing simile or metaphor above the level of cliché now and then, but it takes the divine genius Jesus to sustain a series of closely related images with a common theme and by doing so deliver a thorough analysis of human nature in all its fickleness. The explanation of the parable in today’s Gospel can be found shortly after, at Matthew 13: 18 -23, and we would do well to read it to appreciate the point: the Gospel hope of life exhilarates many people who later lose all practical interest in it. The message is that we must integrate faith into all life’s aspects, and be constant in our search for God’s presence, His will and His plan for our lives. We need to be the good soil that continues to bear a plentiful crop.

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