Wednesday 21 November 2018

About Today Readings

The Presentation of The Blessed Virgin Mary.
Apocalypse 4:1-11. Psalm 150. Luke 19:11-28.

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, mighty God! – Psalm 150.

‘The living creatures give glory and honour and thanks to the one who is seated on the throne.’

What does it mean to give God praise? The first reading gives praise in a traditional way – using words to give God glory, honour and power. The psalmist wants us to go beyond words – all of us who have breath are to dance, to play musical instruments, to clash cymbals.

But Jesus wants us to go even further than words, music and dancing. The parable suggests that to really honour God we must take action – to use the gifts we have been given wisely in the world. Our words and songs of praise only have meaning when we live what we believe. Do we show our love by our deeds?

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