Wednesday 22 March 2023

About Today Readings

Isaiah 49:8-15. The Lord is kind and merciful – Psalm 144(145):8-9, 13-14, 17-18. John 5:17-30.

Jesus’ teachings come with the authority of God

There are some who consider Jesus as a human preacher who had many wise things to say, and whose teachings are worth following even if he’s not the son of God. They might find it difficult to grapple with today’s Gospel reading.

For most of us Christians, Jesus’ teachings have authority because they come with the authority of God. His words have the power to bring life to followers not because they hold some philosophical truth or wisdom, but because they point to a deeper reality within creation itself.

If we heed Jesus’ words, our lives, indeed our whole world, become re-ordered. No longer do we live in a mundane, material world. Jesus shows us a richer existence, one that reshapes our priorities in this world, and transcends even our death. In today’s reading he reminds us of this.

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