Wednesday 22 May 2019

About Today Readings


Acts 15:1-6. Psalm 121(122):1-5. John 15:1-8.

Let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord – Psalm 121(122):1-5. 

‘Abide in me as I abide in you.’

How often do we recall our baptism, or at least reflect on the fact that we are a baptised person? What a gift to receive the Holy Spirit in such a special way! The Spirit present at the creation of the world, the Spirit present in Jesus, the Spirit in the waters of baptism.

We often struggle to work out how to live our lives in a way that we abide in Jesus. We would make it much easier for ourselves if we would hear the second half of the verse and recall our baptism, remembering that Jesus says ‘I abide in you’. If we stop to become aware of the Spirit within us, we will be centred and much more able to spend our days abiding in the one who gives us life. Let us make time to be aware of what is within.

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