Wednesday 23 August 2023

About Today Readings

St Rose of Lima

Judges 9:6-15. Lord, your strength gives joy to the king – Psalm 20(21):2-7. Matthew 20:1-16.

Do you grudge me my generosity?

Justina: I work for HR, Jesus. Your landowner friend has been reported to us. Tell him to stop. He’s caused havoc in the hiring yard. What he did was against the rules.

Jesus: Why so, Justina? It was his money to do whatever he wanted to with, wasn’t it? He paid everyone a just wage, but gave some a bonus in terms of time worked. Don’t you wish there were more employers like him?

Justina: No, Jesus. It’s simply not fair to pay the same wages to everyone for different hours of work. After all, God rewards us according to our merits, we’re told.

Jesus: Actually, everything God gives us is a gift. We don’t deserve it. Doesn’t that make it mean to look jealously at other people’s gifts instead of being grateful for our own? And isn’t it the best form of prayer to say thank you to God for your own and others’ gifts? How do you pray, Justina?

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