Wednesday 24 February 2021

About Today Readings

Jonah 3:1-10. A broken, humbled heart, O God, you will not scorn – Psalm 50(51):3-4, 12-13, 18-19. Luke 11:29-32.

The Ninevites repent, and God spares them

Some have called our current coronavirus crisis a ‘liminal’ moment. We are caught between two existences: our lives before the virus are gone, our lives after the virus are yet to come. It’s a space of waiting, but also a space for us to imagine the possibilities of the future world we want to live in.

In today’s readings, Jesus recalls the warning Jonah gave to the people of Ninevah: Repent, or perish. They too were placed into a liminal moment – their lives before no longer tenable, they faced a terrible disaster. But they didn’t have to succumb, they could respond with creativity and imagination.

May we, like the people of Ninevah, take this opportunity to repent, and consider how we might use our creativity and imagination to emerge from our current moment into a more just world.

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