Wednesday 24 January 2018

About Today Readings

St Francis De Sales.

2 Samuel 7:4-17. Psalm 88(89):4-5, 27-30. Mark 4:1-20.

For ever I will keep my love for him—Psalm 88(89):4-5, 27-30.

How promptly do we claim credit for the good we do! 

We work hard, we push ourselves to our limit, rejoice in success and despair in failure. We learn, work on our weaknesses and become stronger, succeed and swell in joy. Our tenacity and virtue achieve, and God’s grace and blessing is quickly overlooked. Yet there are moments when we, like David, are reminded that it was He who called us, before all our striving, before all our battles; and it was He who brought us back to our feet after each failure. For was not David nothing but a meek shepherd without the Lord’s blessing? And, what is even the most fertile of soils if the hand of the sower does not visit it first? Nothing but dust, barren and bleak.

Yet, humbling as it is, what hope this brings to the weak! The promise that our dryness can bear fruit in plenty, and that our despair can turn to faith.

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