Wednesday 24 January 2024

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St Francis de Sales

2 Samuel 7:4–17. For ever I will keep my love for him – Psalm 88(89):4–5, 27–30. Mark 4:1–20.

Sowing seeds of communication

Traditionally the Pope’s message for World Communications Day is released today on the feast of St Francis de Sales, patron of journalists. Most dioceses celebrate World Communications Day on 12 May, and this year the Pope’s message will look at ways to ensure artificial intelligence is a tool that helps people communicate better and not a technology that drives people further from one another. In the light of the parable of the sower, we might look at our communications with others. Do we speak truthfully, authentically, with love and care for the hearer? Do we cultivate a crop of understanding and respect? Or are we careless with words, throwing them here and there, causing hurt and pain? Do we connect with, or alienate, others?

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