Wednesday 24 May 2023

About Today Readings

Our Lady Help of Christians

Ecclesiasticus 4:11-18. Blessed be the name of the Lord for ever – Psalm 112(113):1-8. 1 Corinthians 1:18-25. John 19:25-27.

We preach a crucified Christ, the power and wisdom of God

In a world that depends on technology, research and proof to speak of faith or the reliance on it, appears to many, as unwise, even foolish. I personally struggle with how to be a voice for Jesus in the world within which I live and maintain the respect of those whose brilliant inquiring minds challenge for proof. And yet I was speaking to someone today who shared that deep down they felt they were missing something in their life, and they realised it was something spiritual, but they did not know how to describe it. It was a reminder to me to stay gently and lovingly true, while I pray for God’s wisdom to live in a way that allows God to be discovered in me. The media headlines of cynicism hurt my heart, the comedians’ jokes at the expense of Christianity sadden me and the ‘truth’ promoted through social media can fill me with despair. But Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, offers me strength, conviction, and encouragement. It also challenges me to examine who I see as weak and who I think are low, and how I am judging through my own limited view. Lord, I pray that your wisdom, your strength, witnessed through the cross, is allowed to reign more fully, in a world clouded by human reasoning.

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