Wednesday 26 July 2017

About Today Readings

Ss Joachim & Anne.
Exodus 16:1-5, 9-15. Psalm 77(78):18-19, 23-28. Matthew 13:1-9.

The Lord gave them bread from heaven — Psalm 77(78):18-19, 23-28.

‘Whoever has ears, listen!’

The parable of the sower gives us insight into the spirituality of Jesus. It encourages us to use His spirituality in our daily lives. One aspect of Jesus’ spirituality is that he remains strong in the face of persistent opposition.

This enables him to keep on reaching out lovingly to his disciples and through them to us. What he is looking for is a response to his words that really comes from the heart.

The context of this event by the lake is that Jesus is giving more time to the needs of his disciples but nonetheless still teaching and healing the crowds.

He is in the position of the sower scattering his words widely. In some cases he achieves little return but often he receives the response that he is seeking from the hearts of his hearers.

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