Wednesday 26 June 2024

About Today Readings

2 Kings 22:8-13; 23:1-3. Teach me the way of your decrees, O Lord – Psalm 118(119):33-37, 40. Matthew 7:15-20.

Give me a life in your ways

While our Gospel begins with an image of ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing, it dwells mostly on trees and their fruit. Jesus cautions against false prophets who can be known by their bad ‘fruits’. We have no shortage of false prophets today. Those who claim to speak for a higher authority, including some religious leaders, who misuse or abuse their power to exploit and control others.

‘Bad fruit’ is the rotten produce of the worst of human behaviour, so much of which is driven by greed and fear. Jesus wasn’t advocating a naïve idealism. We are to look for the signs of real good. To let the light shine on this emerging good fruit. To nurture those trees, turn the soil, creating the conditions for ‘good’ to thrive. We are called to ensure those trees flourish so that its fruit – all that is loving, just and merciful – can be shared. In this way, what the psalmist asks of God resonates: ‘give me a life in your ways’.

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