Wednesday 27 March 2024

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Wednesday in Holy Week

Isaiah 50:4-9. Lord, in your great love, answer me – Psalm 68(69):8-10, 21-22, 31, 33-34. Matthew 26:14-25.

Jesus joins us in solidarity

Usually, when I think about the ways in which Jesus experienced human suffering, I imagine physical suffering: torture and death on a cross. But Jesus experienced psychological suffering too.

Who among us has never felt the pain of being betrayed by someone we thought was on our side?

Betrayal can happen in so many ways. It can be small and petty or life-changingly big. But it always stings. The psalmist reminds us that we cannot control the behaviour of somebody who is persecuting us. We can only control how we respond to it.

Whenever we suffer the pain of persecution, betrayal, or a broken friendship, Jesus joins us in solidarity. In these times, turning to prayer is always best.

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