Wednesday 28 July 2021

About Today Readings

Exodus 34:29-35. Holy is the Lord our God – Ps 98(99):5-7, 9. Matthew 13:44-46.

The wonderful attractiveness of God

There’s something deeply, viscerally attractive about God. We recognise something frightening, too. But isn’t that fear an expression of the extent of our wonder and awe in the presence of the One who is our origin and end?

When we come close to our God: in the Eucharist, in our prayerful engagement with Scripture, in quiet devotional prayer, in the presence of true service, sometimes it feels like our faces are shining like Moses’ face. We radiate the life-giving power of God.

We know what Jesus means when he refers to the Kingdom of Heaven as something precious, something for which we are ready to leave all behind. References to hidden treasure and fine pearls don’t leave us imaginatively stuck in the material world. They draw us to recognise the wonderful attractiveness of God. The surpassing beauty that holds us, joy filled, delighted.

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