Wednesday 29 March 2017

About Today Readings

Wed 29th. St Eustace. Is 49:8-15; Jn 5:17-30.

‘Not content with breaking the sabbath, he spoke of God as his own Father, and so made himself God’s equal.’ John 5:18

In the Gospel of John, as we move towards Jerusalem, the divinity of Jesus is being revealed each step of the way. Here he heals the man who has been sick for 38 years, and he breaks the rules and does it on the sabbath. What is also being revealed is the price Jesus may have to pay for breaking the rules of the Temple priests. The more he reveals divinity, the more likely it is that he will be killed. They are locked into their human reasoning and have no spiritual freedom. Jesus is not so much breaking the sabbath as revealing divinity. Isn’t that what the sabbath is for? The tension is growing. The Gospel poses Jesus’ question to the reader: who do you say that I am? Holy Spirit, give me the freedom and courage to follow Jesus, human and divine, through the valley of death.

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