Wednesday 29 November 2017

About Today Readings

Daniel 5:1-6, 13-14, 16-17, 23-28. Daniel 3:62-67. Luke 21:12-19.

Give glory and eternal praise to him — Daniel 3:62-67.

‘He will give you eloquence and wisdom.’

Often in the gospels Jesus tells his disciples not to be afraid and he says the same thing to us. Daniel trusted his God and so could tell King Belshazzar what the strange writing on the wall meant. So it is with us. If we trust like this, the words we need will come to us from the Holy Spirit living within when we are confronted with dissent because of the way we choose to live, act and love.

However, there is a ‘but’. If our relationship with Jesus is to be nurtured, we have to keep in contact with him.

This is best done through prayer, and one of the greatest prayers is one of gratitude.

As Meister Eckhart said so wisely: ‘If the only prayer you ever say is thank you, it is enough.’

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